I’ve been having some serious eye problems lately that I’ve been dismissing as allergies. Living in Texas and sneezing constantly every spring and summer, it was pretty easy to dismiss my eye issues as nothing but seasonal allergies. It wasn’t until I promised myself that I was going to look at every single thing I put near my eyes to pinpoint what the problem is. Turns out, it was my makeup.

I’ve always worn eyeliner on my top eyelid and never had many problems. And like many other contact-wearing people out there, I always make sure to wash my hands before touching my eyes, along with making sure that my contacts are always removed every night and placed in clean solution. It wasn’t until I started using a certain kind of eyeliner that I started getting styes on my top eyelid. It really grossed me out and made me really worried; I had worked with a girl once who had a stye and had to get it drained by a doctor. She ended up with a stitch on her eyelid, making me feel so sorry for her that I couldn’t even look at her until it was healed. It just seemed so painful.

I started doing a little research and it turns out, based off of what I’ve read, that a stye is basically a pimple in your eye area. It’s caused by blocked oil ducts, leading to an infection of the hair follicle. The good news is that they’re generally harmless, but you should never squeeze or rub them. Instead, take a warm compress and apply to your eye area a few times a day until it goes away. Also, be sure and keep the area around your eyes very clean; eye doctors recommend using a watered-down baby shampoo around your eye area.

I immediately threw away my eyeliner, and from now on, will probably stick to a pencil that can be sharpened instead of an eyeliner stick. I also washed all of my makeup brushes with an antibacterial soap and will lay off on the heavy mascaras and eye shadows until the area has returned to normal. I’m also hiding behind sunglasses every opportunity I get, because I can’t help but think that everyone around me is noticing the three styes I currently have on my right eyelid. Seriously, it’s so gross.

Have you ever had a stye or allergic reaction due to your makeup, Lovelies? How did you handle it?

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