Buying summer makeup can be tough, especially if you have to endure tons of heat and humidity. Powdery makeup suddenly appears blotched and uneven, and liquid makeup always seems to just slide off. If you’re looking for a product that is built to last, why not try cheek stains this summer? Here are six cheek stains that I can’t wait to try for this warm weather… 

This Aura Hourglass Sheer Cheek Stain is a water-based stain that gives cheeks a subtle lit-from-within glow. The color is a bit similar to Benefit’s PosieTint (mentioned below), but is a bit more vibrant.

This Tarte Cheek Stain is a gel brush that’s oil-free and alcohol-free, so it will keep your skin fresh and hydrated without clogging those pores. This True Love – Sheer Watermelon tint is about as summery as it gets!

I’ve had wonderful experiences with every Benefit product I’ve ever tried, so honestly, my hopes are pretty high with Cha Cha Tint. This coral shade pairs well with a shimmery gold-undertone bronzer and is totally smudge-proof. This coral tone looks especially flattering on both olive and fair complexions.

Benefit’s Benetint can be used for your lips and cheeks, providing a rose-colored glow that is kiss-proof and smudge-proof.

This Stila Stain also doubles as a lip and cheek stain. I’m in love with this warm red passion fruit color!

Benefit’s Posietint is the lightest lip and cheek stain that they offer. Best for fairer skin, this pretty pink hue will last for hours.

Will you be wearing cheek stains this summer, Lovelies?

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