The Cannes Film Festival or Festival de Cannes is a week long event in Cannes, France devoted to previewing films from all around the world. It's classy and annual and everyone goes. Last summer I spent a few days in Cannes when I went on a cruise and it's absolutely stunning there. The most noted film (that we all know about) previewed at the festival was The Great Gatsby. Anyway, it may be a week devoted to film but me being the beauty-lover that I am couldn't help but notice all of the beautiful makeup and fashion. Here are a few of my favorites from the week!

Okay, I am simply in awe of Carey Mulligan. I have a total crush on her but that's a whole other story. Whoever did her makeup for this look knew exactly what they were doing and how to make her shine bright like a diamond, in the words of our homegirl Ri Ri. The Gatsby star's pale skin (which totally works for her) is flawless and the shade of red on her lips is the perfect color for her skintone. I love how her eyes have minimal makeup but her lashes look mega-plush and the liquid eyeliner on her top lash line adds the perfect amount of definition and compliments her eyes magnificently. She's glowing and gorgeous!

The oh so lovely Emma Watson is the definition of a fresh faced beauty. Her makeup is almost always so barely there and natural that you have to wonder if she's wearing any at all. Whoever her makeup artist is has perfected the art of the "no makeup makeup" for Em. With her bold brows and flawless skin, she never fails to shine. The Cannes Film Festival was no exception — the Bling Ring star's makeup is kept minimal and light. I love her look here because it's so simple — a dab of a pinky-mauve lipstick (perhaps a Chanel Rouge Coco Shine?) and a few coats of mascara (and some individual falsies) for a fluttery effect and suddenly all eyes are on her. I'm sure her makeup artist also used some light foundation and contoured her cheekbones as well. Simply gorgeous.

Cara Delevingne is a stunning British diva. At only 20 years old, she is one of the most well-known and talked about models right now and I can't get enough of her. This look is gorgeous — her statement bold brows, smokey eyes and orangey-red lips made her stand out in the crowd. I love how the smokey eyes accentuate her baby blues and make them look mesmerizing.

At 45, Nicole Kidman has never looked more gorgeous. She is flawless, chic and the subject of envy from my 45-year-old mother who would kill for Nicole's "I just turned 30" skin. Her skin looks gorgeous and the peachy hue on her cheeks gives her a youthful glow. I also love the berry-pink shade on her lips that looks lovely with her skintone and eyes. I like the way her eyes are kept simple with not too much product to keep them looking bright yet still piercing.

I hope you Lovelies enjoyed reading the round up of my favorite makeup looks from The Cannes Film Festival! And if you ever get the chance to get over to Cannes, it's so lovely and I highly suggest you do.

What are your favorite looks from The Cannes Film Festival, Lovelies? 

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