Welcome to Help A Lovely, where we here at Lovelyish help you with all sorts of dilemmas! This week we have a question from from a Lovelyish reader who wants to know about hair curling!

Can someone please help me? I went to a hairdresser and they curled my hair perfectly. They gave me the straightener, and said all you have to do is turn it...?

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but it's not working. Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated! Thanks Lovelies!

Hey girl!

As someone who has taken some seriously drastic measures with her hair in order to get the results she wants I so feel you on wanting to get the curled effect from a straightening iron! Sidenote: Such drastic measures include ironing my hair with an actual clothes iron because I didn't own a straightening iron. Note to all: Do not ever do this because 1. So incredibly hella hella bad for your hair 2. I still have burn scars on my forearms from being me, a.k.a. clumsy as all hell.

My friend works at a hair salon and I have spent many an afternoon, with bubble tea and the newest issue of Vogue in hand, watching her do this exact technique on girls and I'm still mesmerized by how well this works!

I personally like this tutorial best because the woman goes so slow and explains it all really well. And it's still relevant even after someone asked us this same question a year ago.

But to break it down into words:

1. Apply heat protector spray to your hair. This is extremely important when styling with any form of heat, but especially here as your hair will be clamped in a flat iron for an extended period of time.

2. Take a two inch section of your hair and clamp your flat-iron onto it horizontally a few inches down from the root.

3. Wrap your hair once around your iron, towards your head and then around.

4. Hold onto this piece of hair and then spin your iron away from your head in a full circle until your piece of hair sticks straight out of the iron, facing downwards.

5. Continue holding onto this segment and slowly drag the iron down towards the end of your hair, stopping about half an inch before the ends.

6. Play with the curl to give it a better shape

7. Set with hairspray if desired but, fortunately, the results when curling your hair with a flat iron tend to last a lot longer than a traditional barrel.

If you want even tighter curls, go even slower on your segment but always be careful and keep in mind the thickness of your hair because we do not want another hair straightening tutorial to go awry.

I really hoped this helped!

Happy curling!

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