Navy, red, emerald, and beige smoky eyes managed to make several appearances on the catwalks of NY Fashion Week Fall 2011. I adore all four of these colors, but I doubt I'd be able to pull off something like what's shown above.

Yeah, it's a little too bold for someone that sits around in a lab all day. But it still inspired me to do a more "regular-person-and-not-runway-model" approach to this brazen fall trend. 

For this look, I used the NXY Triple Shadows for Sexy Babe's Eyes Only! palette (what a corny name) in TS 21 Copper/Rust/Bronze.

As you can see the colors are SO much more toned down/darker, which I find more appropriate for the average Jane going about her life during fall. 


First order of business: Apply a primer. I'm using the e.l.f Eyelid Primer

After your primer sets, use a semi-matte, skin colored shadow over your entire lid. I'm using Sally Girl Eyeshadow in Beige. 


When you have the base color covering your lid, wet your brush and start applying Rust to your eyelid, but stopping before your crease. You can also apply it with a dry brush, but wetting it makes the shadow pigment more intense. 

Apply Copper to the outer half of your lid and run it along the crease. I also did this with a wet brush, but wet/dry is up to you depending on if you want a more subtle look (dry) or more of an oompfh (wet). (I accidentally applied the Copper too far up to my inner corner. I fixed that with a q-tip in addition to the next step).

Using a fluffy brush with your base color, go over your arch/the Copper closest to the brow in a small circular motion to blend out the copper so it doesn't look as harsh. 

Line the inner half of your bottom lashes with Rust, and the outer half with Copper using a small, flat-angled brush. 

Finish up your eyes with a little mascara and bam, there you have it, slightly less in-your-face crimson eyes. 

Ok, so I may have lied abou it being much less intense, but it is less bright. So, points for effort? Oh, and please ignore the unruly eyebrows/crappy picture quality... I lost my tweezers/haven't had time to schedule a waxing, and I'm using my Mac Webcam.

So, lovelies. Do you want to try the red eyeshadow trend? Do you think that this look is toned down enough for day use?