I live not far from Woodinville, WA, a small town that has a big reputation in the wine world.  Woodinville is home to dozens of wineries (I used to work in one many years ago!), so I have easy access to some very tasty wines.

Wine not only tastes good, it also has some interesting health benefits.  Scientists, leaders in the health field, and (of course) winemakers have spent big bucks researching wine.  Antioxidants and other ingredients in wine, especially red wine, can reduce heart disease, improve the immune system, and reduce stress.

One company, DeVine, is taking all the benefits from red wine and turning them into some very nice, very subtle glosses, called DeVine Lip Shimmers.  The Lip Shimmers contain the same polyphenols in red wine that are known to help prevent cell damage.  They're also gluten-free, cruelty-free, and contain no harmful chemicals.

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Have you tried these lip shimmers? What do you think?

Guest blog submitted by Kiss and Make-Up