Former Lovelyish intern Sara recently asked our Advice forum whether toner is good for your skin. A few of my friends have asked me the same question so I figured that I would share a little information on it. 

What is toner? 

According to the dictionary, toner is "an astringent liquid applied to skin to reduce oiliness and improve its condition." Most toners are made of water, skin soothers like aloe or chamomile, plant oils, ingredients to cleanse or draw moisture to the skin, and preservatives. Additionally, most toners you find in the drug stores will be alcohol-free so that they do not dry out your skin.

Why is it important?

Toners help balance your skin's natural pH levels. A neutral pH level will allow your skin to resist bacteria and retain the right amount of oil so that your skin is not too dry or greasy. Toners also help to minimize the look of pores. While pore size is a genetic trait and cannot be fixed with a topical product, toners do help to minimize the appearance of pores, which results in smoother, more flawless-looking skin. 

Should I be using it?

Technically, you do not need it. In fact, many people don't use it or see little difference when they do. However the best skin care advice I have ever gotten was to cleanse, tone, and moisturize at least once a day, so I do and I bet most dermatologist would also recommend adding a toner to your daily skin care regimen as well. I personally like fresh feeling that toner gives my skin, and I feel it gives me a deeper cleanse than just cleanser alone. 

If you are curios about toner, I would recommend giving it a try, or ask your dermotologist for more information and if it is right for you and your skin.

Do you use toner? Why or why not?