When I first got this palette, I was less than excited. The colors were nothing spectacular. They blended out sheer. And the sponge applicator wasn't too useful, as usual.

So, how on earth did an unimpressive palette ended up being my favorite everyday palette to use for now?

Find out after the jump! I've thrown in a tutorial as well.

Revlon CustomEyes in 020 Naturally Glamorous

Shades: #5, #4, #3, #2, #1

It's your average plasticky 5-color eyeshadow palette with complementary shades of neutrals. Because I wanted to review this, I attempted to make it work a couple of times but it was just so "blah". Then, off into the drawer it went, uncertain if it's to be used again.

One day, as I was packing some makeup to travel with, I was rummaging around for eyeshadows that were work-safe and wouldn't take up too much space. This Revlon CustomEyes palette turned up and I was like, "It's sheer and boring. Why not?". The next morning, when I was applying my makeup, I realized that I'd forgotten to pack my eyeshadow brush. Since I highly dislike sponge applicators, I went in with my fingers instead. That was the defining moment.

Yep. Some eyeshadows simply work with good ol' fingers.

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Do you own a CustomEyes palette? What do you think?

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