I am a freelance makeup artist and jazz-age enthusiast. I also swing dance as a hobby and work part time in a vintage clothing store, so you can bet your patootie I dress the part of a female anachronism. The question I get asked the most pertains to the recent "pin-up" makeup fad. Hot mammas like Gwen Stefani, Katie Perry, and Christina Augilera have been seen rocking it, and "Dita Von Teese Makeup" is one of the most googled makeup tutorials on the internet (although my style icon for this look is an Australian dancer named Sharon Davis). You’ll find a wide array of instructional videos, product reviews, and even workshops on how to be a pin-up girl.

Maybelline New York Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Washable Mascara, Very Black 951, 0.22 Fluid Ounce, $8.95 from Amazon

What I get asked more often than what shade of lipstick to use, or false lash how-tos is what kind of eyeliner I use. The quintessential look is achieved with liquid liner, and I have tried so many kinds of liquid liner my trash bin is a graveyard for them. The best I’ve found so far is called Lash Stiletto by Maybelline. The eyeliner tube itself is compact, the brush is a tapered foam pen tip that evenly distributes the best consistent line, and it doesn’t clump up like some brush tip eyeliners.

Other liners may hold onto too much product, and as a result your dainty cat’s-eye will end up as a tribute to Ms. Winehouse. The foam tip holds the perfect amount just like a marker, and if you need more you can always shake up the tube. The tiny ball inside will recoat the pen tip, and you are good for another go. Lash Stiletto is also water-soluble, so it’ll remove during your evening beauty regimen.

That brings us to its downside. Unless you apply a layer of similar-shade eye shadow with a thin brush (which I recommend for any liner) it will most likely fade or rub off during your evening of shenanigans. The flirty boudoir look does not last after an evening of drunken club dancing or a night of debauchery. You can purchase “holding spray’s” by brands like Mehron or Sephora, but you’re essentially paying for hairspray in a small bottle – only you spray it on your face to hold your make up. That decision I’ll leave up to you.

When you are set to go with your lipstick, and falsies, I recommend using the middle of your lash line as a staring point. With a fluid stroke, trace your lash line from the middle of your eye to the outer corner. If you’re scared of making a mistake with your cats eye curve, hold off for now. Second, delicately trace from the corner of your eye, connecting it with the line you just drew. You should have 1 line now. Feel free to play with the point and angle of your cats-eye edge, and because the product is easily removable I recommend q-tips for your practice sessions. Once you think you’ve got a line you like, carefully trace over your existing line to create a consistent flow.

Practice makes perfect, and the occasional asymmetry will occur on the first few test runs. No worries, you’ll definitely get the hang of it. I believe in you, so throw on some kitten heels and line up, you pin up girl! That’s all!