Truthfully, I'm a little bit makeup illiterate. I know enough to put on foundation & concealer, lipgloss, and sometimes a bit of eyeliner, but that's about it. I've wanted to experiment a little more with eye makeup but, since I wear glasses, I haven't been sure how to go about it. Won't my frames cover up any attempt at eye shadow? Won't mascara smudge all over the inside of the lenses? 

Well, the Today Show recently had a segment on makeup tips for girls that wear glasses, and suggestions on how to choose the right frames for your face. I've had glasses since the first grade so thankfully I've already learned what specs look best on me, but the makeup info was definitely illuminating.

I now have a legitimate excuse to not wear eye shadow! My liner should suffice until I can bear to cough up the cash for some mascara.

Do any of you wear glasses and have makeup tips of your own? What do you think of these suggestions?