I'm on strike from the flat iron, chemicals and blow dryers. It's summer in New York, which means sexy folks and rooftop bars but also means humid days and frizzy hair.

As a beauty ambassador, it's hard to stay cute and fight Mother Nature. Maintaining moisture rich locks in a perfect condition takes an arsenal of products from wash to style.  From searching for  shampoos that restore moisture, conditioners that don't leave residue and let's not forget styling gels, dry shampoos and serums, it can get overwhelming.  Have no fear, I've  narrowed it down to the  best products for all my curly  ladies.

Pre Shampoo
Hey, no one said this was easy, but dryness is a major factor in frizz control. The steps to frizz prevention start before you wash your hair and a pre-shampoo by  J.F. Lazartigue's Soy Milk Strengthening Pre-Shampoo Mask is just what you need. With Red Algae and Soy Milk, this pre-poo for short, protects your tresses from the harshness and stripping agents that shampoos are known for.

You don't have to hop across the pond  for British hair maven Phillip Kingsley's Moisture Balancing Shampoo. It  adds  moisture and leaves hair supple and not stripped better than any other shampoo that claims to do the same thing. Plus a little goes a long way.
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Do any of you lovelies have hard to manage curly hair? What are some other style secrets you use to tame you mane? 

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