So I saw a tweet about this product, Lip Tar, and I'm dying to try it out. 

After reading a review by Nylon and the product description on the website, it looks like my dream lip stuff. Not quite gloss, but not quite lipstick, it's a hybrid between the two. Gone are the days of gloopy, sticky gloss and dry, chapped lipstick. Hello matte lipstick that slides on like gloss!

I think my favorite shade for summer is Trollop, described on the website as a "pink cranberry coral." The only problem is that the colors on the site don't always look good for highly pigmented products. I wish the website had a guide to skin tone and good color choices!

Another thing that's a little off: they have highly pigmented shades for green, orange, yellow, white and black. I guess this product is intended for high-fashion shoots and shows because I don't think I've ever seen someone rocking those true shades on the street. Maybe I haven't been looking in the right places?

Regardless, I'm definitely going to try this product. It's a little pricey ($13 for a little tube) but you're only supposed to use a tiny bit and apply with a lip brush so the tube actually lasts a long time. That being said, I hope Trollop is a color that lasts me into the fall!

What are your favorite lip products, ladies?

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