YouTube beauty gurus teach us to make the most with our appearance. They supply us with hair and makeup tutorials, as well as beauty-related news and advice. But which Beauty Gurus rank highest? Here is a list of my top beauty gurus on YouTube.

1. Juicystar07 or Blair Fowler. Also known as the ubiquitous sweetheart of YouTube, this chic all-American girl is a wiz with a makeup brush. Her style is flawless, trendy, fun, sophisticated and age-appropriate!

As popular as she is, Blair has had her share of hate over the net. Plenty of response videos claim to know "the truth behind Blair Fowler."  Did she have plastic surgery? Is she paid to endorse products? Most importantly, does any of that matter?

2. Michelle Phan. Michelle is quite possibly the most successful of YT beauty gurus. From simple home made tutorials, to amazing HD videos, she has traveled all over the world sharing her expertise. Her channel now also features a style and hair expert, making Michelle's channel truly unique.

Michelle is known for her narration of her videos. Rather than jabbering away while she applies the makeup, she records a calm and serene voice over. Michelle covers costume makeup, home-made beauty products, special make-up looks, and more. As a true business woman, Michelle shows us that business doesn't equal boring.

3. dope2111 or Promise Phan. Promise is Michelle Phan's sister-in-law and a phenomenal make-up magician. She is best for outrageous costume make-up.

Promise features make-up transformations that are nothing short of magical. She's made herself look like everyone from Taylor Swift to Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber, and Kate Middleton. It is so spot-on she genuinely looks like each person. Promise is probably my favorite guru.


 4. Bubzbeauty Bubz is one of the cutest, bubbliest gurus on YT. With a adorable Northern Irish accent, quirky sense of humor, and sweet anime-esque style, her channel definitely stands out among the others.

Bubz is also one of few well-known gurus who embraces those bad days. She knows the hassles of acne, and discusses it in several videos, as well  as blogging about confidence. Bubz is a great role model for younger girls, especially those going through puberty.  


5. Macbarbie07 or Bethany This YouTube guru holds her own, at only 14! Bethany has been featured prominently in Seveteen magazine. Her boho princess style is fresh and natural.

Sweet, friendly, with the tiniest hint on tongue-tied-dorkiness, Bethany is another tween friendly role model. Her make-up tutorials are easy to follow and her hair tutorials are stunning.

Do any of you Lovelies watch YouTube beauty tutorials? Have you subscribed to any of these girls?