Before I became hooked on MAC cosmetics (which I no longer am, by the way), I dabbled with IMAN Cosmetics, the makeup line created back in 1997 by supermodel Iman (who also happens to be the wife of rock royalty, David Bowie) for women of color.

I actually preferred the foundation that I had tried (which was Second to None Cream to Powder foundation) to that of the four or five I later acquired from MAC. Fast forward a few years and when I decided to go back and try IMAN again, it was nowhere to be found. Its UK distributor had gone bust, and the brand was pulled out of the UK - but now it's back, and I'm a very happy lady.

A couple of weeks ago, I previewed IMAN's new foundation, Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup (£23.95), a liquid mineral base which comes in an eight-shade range of sheer-to-medium coverage. It aims to even out skin tone and add luminosity, whilst combining Acai, Magnolia and good ol' Vitamin E to hydrate and enhance the skin.

A foundation swatch shown on a hand tells you nothing at all, so I didn't bother taking any photos of one, but I plan on trying it out at some point in the near future. I recall the texture felt light and it moved against my skin easily.

I had a play with the other products on display, which caught my attention. Naturally, I immediately zoned in on the blushes (predictable, much!). These nice shades are very flattering on deeper skin tones and contain adequate pigment. It's very easy to create a natural flush to the skin with the blush duos.

Iman Afterglow, a bronzer comprising of rose, gold and terrocatta, has been on my wishlist for months after I read about it on's Beauty of Color forum. I was really pleased to finally see this in the flesh as I've wanted to try it for the longest time.

It leaves a lovely warm rosy gold glow, very natural-looking. However, combining the Sleek Shimmer blushes I feel will create a similar effect.

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Have you tried anything from this makeup line? What do you think?

Guest blog by Vex in the City