Don't forget to makeup to your spring cleaning list! Here are the general rules for makeup expiration dates: 

Liquid Foundation lasts: One year
It’s past "good" when the foundation thickens and smells different. To make it last longer: Keep glass bottles away from sunlight.

Lipstick lasts: 2 years
It’s past "good" when it doesn't go on as smoothly as it used to. To make it last longer cut off the tip and dip into the untouched lipstick with a brush.

Mascara lasts: 3 months
It's past "good" when it takes at least ten swipes to get anything on your lashes. To make it last longer close the tube tight to prevent your mascara from drying out.

Concealer lasts: 1 year
It's past "good" when the texture changes, or there's a mildew smell coming from the brush. To make it last longer wipe brush applicators dry after every use.

Cream Blush lasts: 1 year
Toss it when you get a flush look that looks oily, not dewy. To make the most of it, swipe a new sponge over the surface so you get a clean layer of color each time.

Eyeliner lasts: 12 to 18 months
It's past "good" when the tip becomes waxy. To make it last longer, sharpen the pencil after every use.

Powder Eye shadow lasts more than 2 years
It's past "good" when the shimmer no longer sparkles or the matte finish looks chalky. To make it last longer, remember that a little bit goes a long way. A small trio of eye shadow is fine instead of one of those huge ones with all the shades.