While I was back in California, I decided to take a much needed trip to John Q . He was my Hair Guy back in the Cali days and I haven’t found anyone that compares in price and style! He’s a young Asian dude that totally understands wacky Asian hair.  I went from drab dark hair with a middle part, to this:

John totally remembers me so he gave me a fantastic deal of only $110 for highlights and a cut. (Plus he styled it for free because I was rushing off to a wedding!)

I know Garden Grove is quite a trek for LA people, but I would totally go to him at least once a year! While everyone else was suffering with the bad economy, he actually said that he gained MORE customers! I think it makes sense. He’s so cheap in comparison, so I would think that people would drive the extra miles to go to him instead of a fancy nearby salon.

John Q
14441 Brookhurst St. #7
Garden Grove, CA 92683
(714) 839-2800

How far would you drive to see your favorite stylist? What do you think of my new hair?

Guest blog submitted by JAC Beauty