This new HAIR2DAY curling wand is pure genius... it's the curling wand that features 3 different sized heads so you can create a myriad of different curls including, boho beach waves, bed head, red carpet, runway, old Hollywood glamour, spiral, loose tousles, wavy, barrel and sculptured curls. 

The X3Curling Wand features:
* Tourmaline and ceramic tapered barrels to lock curls into place whilst leaving your hair feeling silky smooth.
* Ceramic technology that produces negative ions to seal cuticles and repel humidity, which means no frizz!
* Infrared technology that gently heats the hair from the inside out to curl hair quickly and safely
* Ion field technology that seals in natural oils for great conditioning
* Micro-porous technology that locks in moisture - so no split ends!

Why I love it:
 It's super light, super-quick and so-so easy to use! It has a great length cord so you don't get tangled up - and the tricky clip ensures your hair doesn't get tangled up. Even if you're hair-appliance-challenged {like me} you can create gorgeous waves or curls in a matter of minutes.

THE PRICE: AU$264.99. Click here for more info and to buy online.

Are you interested in the HAIR2DAY wand? Which styles would you try out if you had this product?

Guest blog submitted by bellaMUMMA

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