Lately I have been battling with my hair. My hair is pretty long, very thick, and usually very soft. Since winter seems to be creeping up extremely fast my hair just seems to be drying out. Now my soft hair has turned normal, and normal for me feels awkward. 

So I've been experimenting with different conditioners and let me say this, I love when they smell good. It is my weakness. Organix made a conditioner that smells like Pomegranate and Green Tea, AKA amazing. It was love at first sniff. My only complaint is that when I apply the conditioner it seems to soak right in before I can really massage it into specific areas of my hair. I am not sure if it's just because my hair is dryer and really needs it, or if it is just how Organix is. 

Do you have problems with the Winter Dryness Curse? What conditioners work best for you?