They're inexpensive, cute looking, and come in array of colors. But could they actually be harmful?

If you buy makeup, the two things you should most definitely look for are the expiration date and ingredients. But as of lately, I am getting into nail color and nail art. And on Youtube, a lot of people seem to have the brand, NYX. I never cared for NYX's cosmetics since I've seen them so often in Korean boutiques and Downtown Los Angeles. (And you know how Downtown L.A. is infamously known for selling knock-offs and cheaply made cosmetics).

It got me thinking maybe NYX wouldn't be a bad product if so many people are using it. I mean I could purchase the NYX nail polishes for about $2.00 each! That's really inexpensive, and they come in a lot more shades than the drugstore brands. So I looked into their nail polishes online just to see the colors and ingredients. The colurs were gorgeous, but what caught my eye was a certain very harmful ingredient.

About all nail polishes (unless they are water based) contain the ingredient, acetate, and well it's a pretty bad ingredient in itself since it is what mostly makes those nail polishes flammable. It acts as a solvent for the nail polish to be mixed together. In small amounts it leads to irritation. It's when you use a lot of nail polish that you may start to see the effects: yellowing of nails, weakening of nails, etc. 

But what ingredient that is in the NYX's nail polishes is this one: phthalate, which is more harmful than the common acetate. Have you noticed that a lot of cosmetic companies are now advocating on not to use these three ingredients in their nail polishes? Even the inexpensive companies are joining the big boys: E.L.F., Hard Candy, Wet N' Wild, N.Y.C. Color, and Milani. So, which ingredients should you be careful of?

  • Formaldehyde - is a human carcinogen, (currently banned in Japanese and Swedish cosmetics)
  • Toluene - is a solvent that is commonly  used for thinning paint (yes, paint). In addition, low level of inhalation can cause weakness, memory loss, nausea, and even tiredness
  • Phthalate - it's used in plastics to prolong their use. When inhaled or even consumed (in some foods) even in low dosages can impact the brain's neurological activity and develop allergies (i.e., asthmas)

Generally speaking, nail polishes are bad to the nails (if used a lot), and they have a very pungent scent. But if you're going to be wearing nail polishes, why not opt for a bottle that contains the least amount of harmful ingredients? We live in a non-harmfree environment, but we can try to minimize that harm. Heck - a lot of us do wear sunblock to protect our skin, so why not have the same mentality for nail polishes?

Do you Lovelies advocate on not buying nail polishes with these ingredients?  What are your point of views on nail polishes anyway?
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