I've been reading different articles and discussions about hair loss/thinning. There are lots of women in my situation who are experiencing hair loss at the age of 22. I took birth control pills back when I was 19-20, but I stopped after breaking up with my ex. I used to have a lot of hair, but now it's thinning like crazy. Whenever I wash my hair, I lose a lot and I could grab my remaining hair with only two of my fingers.

I went to a doctor and had my blood tests/thyroid check when I was in college, and the test results said I was quite healthy. In fact, my hair is smooth and healthy... no split ends, and very shiny and black. The only (biggest) problems are the excessive hair loss and the slow/no regrowth. I've tried a couple brands of hair/nail supplement pills. One of them worked for a while, and my hair did really start growing again. I was so relieved and happy; however, after a few months, it quickly went back to the way it was...probably because my body got used to it. It is very scary...I don't have much more hair to lose.

Some women said that they went back on the pill and their hair rapidly grew back, but some other women claimed that it got worse. The problem with birth control pills is that it affect every woman differently. There's no way to know where to start. I'm so tempted to go on the pill again to see if my hair could grow back, but at the same time, there's a chance that the pill can mess up my body even more. 

Ladies, if you've been experiencing hair loss, what have you done and what helped for you?