So I just came home from shopping at the drug store for some new nail polish. I COULDN’T wait to put them on. However, I was hesitant when I took off my previous coat of polish. I noticed my nails looked awfully yellow and it looked like the shininess was stripped out of each and every nail. This might be because I’ve constantly had nail polish on ever since maybe 2 years ago? I try to let me nails breathe every now and then but I can’t stand my bare nails anymore. 

I also have a friend whose worn nail polish every-single-day ever since grade 4 (and we’re in college now).

I recently went to the spa to get a manicure and the lady noticed my nails were turning yellow. She told me it’s because I leave my nail polish on for WAY too long. She advised me to change my nail polish color every 3 days to prevent my nails from turning yellow. But who has the time for that?!

I love, love, love nail polish and I can never have enough. But is there such thing as too much nail polish? Do you have nail polish on almost everyday?