Other than their bras, panties and other sexy little nothings--Victoria Secret is also well known for their beauty products; most importantly for me, their signature scents!

They come in sets (with a lotion, body wash & spray) , or by themselves. And unlike big name scents, like DKNY or Estee Lauder, you can often get the sets for about $15 or less; and every lady I know has their favorite "flavor."

For the last three years, I've been using the Amber Romance! It's sweet, but not TOO sweet; fragrant but not over-whelming and appropriate for any occasion!

But, I'm a woman and I like to switch things up! So lately I've been considering (GASP! Dare I say it?) changing to a different scent!

So Lovelies, what are your personal favorites? Do you love Amber Romance too? Any suggestions as to what I should switch too?