So I just recently made another Sephora inspired bush holder for all the new E.L.F. and other cheap bushes I've been picking up.

These are really great because there extremely simple, inexpensive, and fast to throw together, they keep your brushes from touching which keeps them sanitary as well as keeping the hairs from getting frayed and yucky, and also it's just a pretty thing to keep on your vanity or dresser.

- A glass container or vase of your choice (I got the one pictured from Walmart I believe it was about $3.99)

- Colorfill Vase Filler (Available at Micheal's craft store, that's the only place I could find it anyway, it's $5.99 per bag, but one will be enough if you have a reasonable sized vase or container)

- Ribbon of your color choice

- Glue dots or a hot glue gun

- Your brushes

Instructions: These are pretty self explanatory but first glue the ribbon around the vase or container using the hot glue gun or glue dots and tie it in a bow if you want. Then you open the Colorfill and pour it in to almost the top, then stick your bushes into the vase or dish and they will stand up straight without touching. Now you have your very own Sephora inspired brush holder for your vanity or makeup area!

How do you store your makeup brushes? What are some of your favorite decorating/organizational tips for makeup?