My favorite thing about being in the hair industry has got to be the ebb and flow of trends. When I first started working in a salon back in '92, as a shampoo girl, I must have rinsed about 100 perms a day! Then when I actually established myself as a hairdresser, all the women craved the Jennifer Aniston shag. I've seen a plethora of trends come and go and it keeps me inspired to watch what the teenagers are up to. 

My beautiful stepdaughter has definitely got me on my toes with all the colors and haircuts she sends me. Everything from pinks, blues, platinums and teals. But what I find more interesting are the haircuts she and her friends want. Looks to me like the super shag might be making a comeback!

Firstly, I have been in the hair biz for a while now, and I have seen so many of my clients go from college graduate, to dating their future husbands and wives, to having their first child. Needless to say, I don't have many raucous teenage clients anymore. Secondly, because I have seen so many of the same wonderful clients, I feel sort of pigeonholed in a lot of the cutting I do. Most 35 year old new moms want to be trendy, but aren't necessarily looking for downright outrageous.

But now I see there is a whole new underground trend with the rock and roll teens. Nonsensical, disconnected layers, extreme lengths, and wild colors to boot. I see many emo and punk rock kids around my neighborhood, and they all have crazy, cool hair; but some of the things Taylor, my stepdaughter, has shown me have literally blown my mind. I even showed some of the pictures to a great hairdresser friend of mine who was equally blown away.

Now these particular haircuts and colors may not take off in the mainstream, but I believe that what the kids are doing transpires into what the latest trend is stemmed from. It can be seen from mohawk to fuax-hawk, from severe asymmetry to the graduated bob. So even if you don't want the rock 'n' roll layers, remember the layers you ask for originated from the madness of teens and their raving self-identification.

Would you wear an outrageous hairstyle like one of these? Or is it too extreme for your taste?