Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie, and Rhianna have sported it. I do this haircut on various clients regularly. It can be sassy, chic, edgy, conservative, or just plain boring. The haircut I'm blogging about is the bob.

The history of the bob can be dated back to Cleopatra, but in 1915 a ballroom dancer named Irene Castle sported the bob for the very fist time for sheer convenience. Known as the Castle Bob, it triggered a revolution in hair cutting for the first time in the 20th century. By the 20's, this haircut was all the rage with women of all ages. 

We all know a classic bob is mainly one length, typically cut at the ears or chin, and can be worn with a fringe, or parted off the face. It was simple enough, but a drastic change from the hair dresssings of Gibson and Marcel (the creator of the hot curling iron).

Another innovator of the bob haircut, in more current times, is Vidal Sassoon. He revolutionized hairdressing and cutting in the 1960's, by getting women out of the salon for their weekly blow dry or set, and into their own dressing rooms to style their hair themselves. Creating stronger lines, and different shapes of the bob haircut, these styles can still be seen today.

So next time you think about getting a haircut, and your hairdresser suggests a bob, don't think, "Ugh, not that old thing," think about its historical impact on women, and how it changed how we present ourselves to the world!

Lovelies, have you ever had a bob haircut? If not, is it a style you would try?