… is a Korean romantic comedy that was produced back in 2006. Click here for the plot. This movie showed me how the world of plastic surgery is not limited to anything.

It’s no longer shameful or embarrassing to admit that (as a Korean pop star), you got plastic surgery. In fact, they flat out admit that eyes, nose, jaw are standard procedures. I had a Korean friend once admit to me that she went during her lunch hour to get a double eyelid surgery & that it came for free as a bonus to her nose job.

So shall we? Let’s look at some before & afters and wonder in amazement how much PS technology has advanced.



Movies like 200 POUNDS BEAUTY shows how insecurities can lead to such extreme behaviors. As for me, I always  thought, #1) I’m too scared to go through such procedures, #2) I was created to look just like my dad. Why would I want to change that??

Would you consider plastic surgery or are you all about finding the beauty within?

Guest blog submitted by JAC Beauty