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Oh, acrylic nails...

They always look so beautiful. I was in a wedding about a month and a half ago and I decided to get acrylic nails just for the fun of it to look pretty. Part of it was also as a spa present for the bride.

The lady who applied them did a wonderful job. They lasted a very long time, about 2 weeks before I even noticed a gap between my acrylics and the real nails. And I love the feel of them. I love tapping them on everything. I am a nail biter, so naturally, I was taking full advantage of my new nails. 
However, I am not one of those people to keep refilling and everything. When the nails grew out too much, I just went to a nail salon and had them taken off. Because I only get my nails done for special occasions, I forgot how horrible my nails looked afterward. They were soft, and brutally damaged.
Still, a month and a half afterward, I can tell where the acrylics were applied and where my real nails started growing in. It's almost embarrassing. I don't want to put polish on for fear of putting too much attention on them.
Are acrylics worth it? What do you think? They look beautiful while they are on, but is it worth the damage they do to your nails?