Seaweed is very good for skin.  As much as we love to eat it with our sushi rolls, some of us may be hesitant to use to on our bodies let alone faces but after you read this you may change your mind.

restores moisture levels
revitalizes and firms the skin
oxygenate and detoxifies the skin
reduces appearance of cellulite
is cell generating
absorbs easily
improves skin texture and tone
makes hair shiny
slows skin aging
protects from environmental elements
contains antioxidants and beta-carotene

While in college a friend a told me she takes a kelp supplement because it is good for the skin.  I started taking it, but never really got into a habit of doing so.  A big mistake I made was I started taking it without even doing some research as to what kelp or any seaweed really does. I also researched kelp, which is known to give skin a healthy glow, when used in a powder form it exfoliates and is good for face masks. It removes surface impurities and toxins.  Recently I got into the habit of taking the kelp, but it has not been long enough to be sure that it is doing anything.  The kelp supplement I have is in a tablet that can be opened up.  In the near future, I plan on opening a tablet or two and mixing it with extra virgin olive oil (because of the amazing things I recently discovered it does) and making myself a mask.  When I do I will let you all know how it went.

Have any of you every used seaweed?  Were there any positive results?

Guest blog submitted by BeautyxTips