8 Items I’m Loving This Valentine’s Day

rose-botanical-printvia Rifle Paper Co.

Single or not, I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. I love a good heart print, red is my favorite color and who doesn’t love candy? It’s also a great time to show your friends and loved ones (not just bae) that you appreciate them in your life. I don’t even know if we have plans or Valentine’s Day (we like to keep it low-key), but I’ll still be dressed for the holiday at work! Here are a few pieces that you would be perfect for February… 

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7 Valentine’s Day Ideas For You And Your Gal Pals

Valentine’s Day obviously isn’t just meant for romantic love—it’s a great time to show your appreciation for all of your loved ones. Whether you and your friends are single, taken or something in between, here are some great ideas to celebrate this holiday with everyone.

via Design Love Fest 

I love the idea of sending your friends Valentines gift boxes. This is perfect for my friends that live out-of-state. Pen them a letter or prepare them a fun gift box! I’d put candy, confetti, some hearts and some heart-shaped sunglasses in mine!

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Lovelyish List: Our Favorite Foundations/Tinted Moisturizers

It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation

Eugenia: My current favorite foundation is the Celebration foundation from IT Cosmetics. This is a “full coverage, anti-aging hydrating powder foundation” that I picked up one day at Ulta. I apply this with a powder brush and love that it covers so well with only one application. The coverage is very similar to MAC’s Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation but feels lighter and cleaner on my face. I never touch up when I use this foundation and never get greasy. It really stays put but feels very light on my face.

Mac foundation

Allison: I’m a little in-between foundations right now, but I’m using MAC’s Pro Longwear foundation at the moment. It’s really easy to apply and blend with a brush and it keeps my face from becoming shiny and oily throughout the day. I don’t have any blemishes to conceal, but I do have a little discoloration on my cheeks from old acne scars that I’d prefer the world not to see. It works really well at hiding those, and it’s really build-able. 

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Have You Considered Extensions?

I used to have long hair and would wear extensions to make it even longer and thicker almost everyday. I have tried fusion extensions, or glue-in extensions, and clip-ins. Personally, I did not like the fusion extensions because you have to get them done every few months to keep up with your natural hair growth and they damaged my hair. Clip-in extensions are a one time investment. They last forever, if cared for properly. They can be washed, colored and styled just like you would your real hair. Extensions add that va-va voom volume and the additional few inches you feel like your hair will not grow.

In high school, I bought my hair extensions from Sally’s Beauty Supply. Although, after working at the salon, I have learned that Bellami Hair extensions are the best. They are very popular among stylists and clients here in Nashville. The extensions are 100% human hair, come in different lengths and colors. You get almost double the amount of hair for the same price as the ones sold at Sally’s!

One of my favorite bloggers, Cara Loren, wears her Bellami extensions all the time.

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4 Mistakes I’ve Stopped Making In My Skincare Routine

skincare mistakesvia Land Of The Brits

Ever since I stumbled into the world of skincare as a preteen, I’ve definitely had many trial-and-error moments. I can definitely say that I’ve come a long way, but I still have much to learn. With that being said, there are a few skincare mistakes I’ve only recently realized. Here are a few of my missteps and how I’m trying to correct them…

1. Not applying moisturizer quickly enough

I’m not sure about you but after I cleanse and tone my face, there’s definitely a small window when it comes to applying moisturizer. It has to be when my face is still damp from my other products, or the moisturizer just feels heavy and sticky on my face. Ever since I’ve started to experience tight, dry winter skin, I’ve made it a point to apply my moisturizer as quickly as possible (after cleansing and toning). Timing is everything! Also, if you use a face oil, I’ve found that my moisturizer works better when I apply it immediately after the oil. 

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20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your BFFs

via Field Guided

I love getting together with my friends around Valentine’s Day for dinner and to exchange little gifts. Growing up, I never really thought about having a boyfriend or crush around Valentine’s Day—it was just a time to exchange cards and gifts with my friends! If you and your friends are exchanging gifts this year, here are a few gifts I’ve rounded up for every budget…

$ 1 0  &  U N D E R

via California Craft

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14 Workout Songs For The New Year

Top Workout Songs For The New Year
via Pink Pistachio

Good music is a workout necessity. If my favorite song comes on Pandora, I notice that I run a little faster or push for 20 more squats. (And if we’re being honest, if I’m working alone, it’s pretty likely that I’ll break out into a dance, but luckily, that’s still cardio!) I’ll even challenge myself by trying to do sit-ups, or my favorite exercise, for the length of the song.

Working out might not always be the most enjoyable pastime for some of us, so why not make it exciting with some great jams? This past year has produced some really catchy songs.

Here is a list of some of my favorite new workout songs to add to your playlist!

1. Heros (we could be)-Alesso ft. Tove Lo

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