Currently Coveting: Essie’s Spring Collections

As soon as a new season begins, I always find myself at my local drugstore seeing what Essie has to offer. Check out these new collections after the jump! 

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How to Get Perfect Pictures Every Time

Don’t you just hate it when pictures pop up on social media somewhere, and you just cringe because oh gosh, that photo could have turned out much better. In fact, that’s weird, you felt confident that day. But still you look, just, not as good as you felt in person! Well, here’s a a few big tips that will help make all the photos taken of you more, well, you! 

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Why I Love LUSH But How It Has Disappointed Me

For the longest time, LUSH has been one of those stores that I have simply just loved! Walking in to their stores has always been extremely pleasant, with cheerful music playing, bright and colorful items displayed and smiling faces welcoming me. However, I did some research on LUSH and was surprised, to say the least…

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Nikole Reviews: M.A.C Cosmetics Playland Collection

While shopping at my local M.A.C counter the other day, I was told that I could come back for a free application of the newest collection Playland. I was extremely excited because I have never thought of trying some of the colors in this collection and wanted to see how the makeup artist would apply them to me (without looking crazy). 

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Sarah Reviews: Anatomicals Snog Me Senseless Balm

I’m a bit of a lip balm fanatic — I hate having chapped lips! So when I needed another few dollars to make my free two-day shipping minimum on ASOS, I was excited to add Anatomicals Snog Me Senseless Lip Balm to my order.

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Annie’s Killer Concealer Combo For Knocking Out Dark Circles

Dark circles: (almost) all of us have them, and mine in particular are pretty horrendous. Sadly it’s just a genetic thing, everything I’ve tried as far as rest and nutrition have had very little impact. While I do my best to embrace my (many) flaws, I do feel more confident about myself when I have my dark circles covered. I have tried concealer after concealer in attempts to mask said darkness, but lately I’ve stumbled on a combo that is really doing the trick. 

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Allison Reviews: April Ipsy Box

I’ve been meaning to try Ipsy for a while. Once it was my turn on the waiting list, I received my April Ipsy box in the mail! Here’s what was in it…

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