My 6 Go-To Makeup Items for Asian Skin

When I first started using makeup, I had some difficulty managing an oily t-zone and complementing my dark features.   After lots of experimenting with too-light foundations and unflatteringly cool lip colors, I’ve found the beauty products that work for my Asian skin!

1.Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Peach Glow 

I’ve tried blushes in the past that washed me out or looked unnaturally pink.  The Too Faced Perfect Flush is perfect for my skin.  Its three colors can be used separately as a blush, highlighter and bronzer.  I’ve always used them mixed together, which gives a warm glow mixed with a little bronzing action and slight shimmer.  Bonus points for the adorable packaging!

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Hairspiration: Candy Colored Hair

Over the years I have had black, brown, blonde, and every type of highlight you’ve seen, including pink and purple. The pink and purple streaks I modeled weren’t nearly as cool as the cotton candy colored locks these girls are rocking. Dip-dyed strands and pastel hair is a trend I thought would be in the door and out some time after, but it’s still hot and I’m still completely envious. While I don’t think I will be dying my hair all over pink anytime soon, I am still lusting over the girls who are able to have My Little Pony inspired hair and look beautiful.

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Allison’s Top 11 All-Time Favorite Skincare Products

Working near a Sephora, having a Birchbox subscription and serving as an editor for a beauty-related blog means that I’ve been able to try a ton of different products. There are some that I’ve liked, some that I’ve tossed or gifted to a friend and others that I will buy until it’s discontinued. Here are my all-time favorite skincare products that keep me coming back…

1. Ole Henriksen Lemon Strip Flash Peel

I’m attracted to any kind of skincare product that contains lemon, and since I’ve had great experiences with Ole Henriksen products in the past, I knew I had to try this one. This peel contains 20% AHA complex of lactic, glycolic, and multifruit acids to dissolve dead skin cells and resurface, while purified algae extract and bio-saccharide soothe and nourish. When I first starting using this product, I had a few blemishes on my face that caused the peel to burn. Now that my skin is cleared up, the peel isn’t uncomfortable at all. I use it once a week to keep my complexion bright and even. 

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5 Must-See Attempts To Change How We See Beauty

This year, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty turns ten years old! The popular brand’s strategy really got me thinking about what other attempts there are to rewire and redefine our perception of what being beautiful, desirable, attractive—whatever you want to call it—really means. I found five articles and videos that I really love, and encourage everyone to watch!

1. Nickolay Lamm’s creation of an average-sized 3D Barbie

Your favorite childhood doll may be cute and all, but artist Nickolay Lamm may tell you otherwise. He created a 3D printed model of what Barbie would look like based on the proportions of a 19-year-old average American female teenager. It definitely makes you think twice about why Barbie was made to be so petite, tall, skinny and thin in the first place.

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8 Natural Sunburn Soothers To Try Before Summer Ends

My last trip to the beach resulted in a horrible sunburn—my entire backside was bright red and I even experienced nausea and a headache the next morning. If you’re nursing a horrible burn, here are a few great ways to relieve it…

1. A L O E

Aloe is perhaps the most well known and classic sunburn relief aid. I have used both the actual plant and the bottled aloe available at drugstores. If you use the plant, squeeze the leaf until the liquid comes out and use the gel liquid to soothe the burn. You can use as much aloe as you need until your sunburn is healed.

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My 15 Hair Care Essentials

Since long hair suits my face best, I’ve tried to take good care of my hair since I was a teenager. Over the years I’ve tried tons of different hair products, particularly every shampoo, conditioner and treatment under the sun. And though I tend to stick to more affordable drugstore products with few ingredients when it comes to my skin, I’ve found that splurging on hair products really helps to keep it looking its best. These are my favorite products and styling tools that have remained in my hair care arsenal for years!

1. Wide tooth comb – To detangle wet hair after you shower or to comb through a hair treatment/conditioner, a wide tooth comb is a must.

2. Barrel Hair Brush – To get a great blow-out with frizz-free volume, I use a 2″ barrel hair brush.

3. Solano Hair Dryer – A powerful hair dryer is an absolute must in my book because they get much hotter than more inexpensive hair dryers. I’ve had my Solano for at least a decade and it’s still going strong!

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4 Frizz-Free Hair Treatments To Try Now

I have been a victim of frizzy hair for as long as I can remember. Since the introduction of Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments, I’ve have been able to tame my locks with semi-permanent treatments. Now companies are introducing at-home products that you can use to tame your frizz without the salon or salon prices.

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Keratin treatments work by breaking down bonds in your hair to relax the natural make up of your hair, redesigning the texture and shape. When you get your hair professionally treated in a salon, you go through a shampoo cleanse, straightening, blow dry and seal. After that you are told not to wash your hair for 3-5 days to make sure the seal lasts and your hair stays silky smooth. These four at-home treatments have no waiting time for your first wash and can be used immediately after your shower. These are the most low maintenance of at home smoothing treatments. There are also full kits, similar to Keratin treatments.

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