7 Fall Makeup Tutorials To Try

If I had to choose my favorite season in terms on makeup trends, I’d have to choose fall. The dark smoldery eyes and a deep lip is right up my alley. Challenge yourself to try something new this season — try that bold lip you have been too afraid to try! Fall is a great time to switch up your beauty routine and use colors that you don’t normally wear. You typically see the same makeup look during the fall, but here are some video tutorials from well known beauty YouTube gurus that can spice up the repetitive fall look.

1. Sunset Eyes by Teni Panosian

2. Cranberry Makeup Tutorial by Carli Bybel

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5 Mistakes I’ve Stopped Making In My Beauty Routine

via Then Let It Be

I’m admittedly not a huge fan of those ‘Here’s what you’re doing wrong’ posts that I frequently see on various beauty blogs. Not that I don’t enjoy learning a thing or two, but the phrasing and idea of the posts themselves seems to come from more of a negative, bossy tone rather than a helpful guide of how I can make the most of my mornings getting ready.

With that being said, I’ve made a ton of mistakes since I’ve entered the world of makeup, but I had to learn from some of my mistakes the hard way—the hard way usually involving me gasping at my appearance as soon as I’m home from a long day at work, or a delicate suggestion from a friend involving a change in my routine. I still need all the help I can get, but if you’re curious, here are a few of my mistakes that I’ve since corrected…

Not switching out my foundation and concealer with the seasons.

I’m not saying that I tend to switch out my makeup completely on the first day of summer or anything, but I was guilty of using the same foundation/concealer in the same shade year round. What I wasn’t really thinking about was how my skin was reacting to the change in weather (I need something much lighter in the summertime versus the winter) and that I definitely need to be matched for a warm-weather foundation as soon as I spend a little time in the sunshine.

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Amy’s Make-up For a Night Out

There is no denying that all things beauty and make-up are a huge passion of mine. That’s why I love experimenting with new brands and products and I’m always jumping around from one foundation to another and you can definitely find me loving one lip color one week and onto a completely different shade the next. I have done a decent job of finding drugstore products I love while still enjoying relatively inexpensive luxury products. It is important to find make-up you love while still being on a budget. I think it is important to learn where you like to splurge versus where you like to save. I know mascara is going to dry up in 2 months, so I only want to spend 7 dollars on it instead of $32. Foundation, however, can last me months or even a year.

Residing in LA during the school year, I look mostly for products that will last me all day while I’m at school and hold up walking in the heat. There is no exception when it comes to night make-up either, I love my products to last. My routine definitely differs between day and night but my expectations are the same. I suffer from acne prone, sensitive, and oily skin. I like products that don’t break me out, keep me matte (relatively so), and have a great wear time. One of my least favorite things is the feeling of make-up and looking in the mirror 3 hours after application only to see you are an oil slick that is cracking everywhere. As of now these are the products I am loving for a night out.

F A C E 

Prior to applying my foundation I use NYX Angel Veil Primer. I haven’t found a primer I am head over heels in love with, but for now I am loving this one. It preps my skin, leaves the surfaces silky, and provides longevity-all things I look for in a primer. Before I headed off to school this year I was on the hunt for a new foundation so I picked up Make-up Forever Mat Velvet +, and I am so glad I did! I struggle with an oily t-zone, and wanted a foundation without and SPF since I take a lot of pictures while I’m out at night. This foundation gives me a great amount of coverage (medium to full and its buildable), while still feeling silky and light on the skin. I would definitely consider myself an expert on foundation, my skin has definitely been through the ringer. I would rather have a foundation without SPF then one with because I can always add a moisturizer with SPF for days where I choose to wear a foundation lacking SPF. 

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Get the Look: Blake Lively

If you haven’t heard, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their first child! Blake Lively is definitely a style icon of mine, even though our styles are very different. She is never afraid to try out the latest trends, and always seems to make her outfits look effortless. At her recent baby shower, she didn’t disappoint with her outfit for the intimate celebration. Even the baby shower was full of fall party inspiration, from pumpkins and sweet baby clothes to flowing maxi skirts.

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10 Halloween YouTube Beauty Tutorials For An Amazing Costume

via Dulce Candy

Way back in the middle of summer, I gushed about how much I love the beauty community on YouTube. Beauty vloggers are some of the most talented, self taught make-up junkies out there. This time of the year my subscription box on YouTube becomes particularly exciting because many beauty vloggers begin filming Halloween tutorials on various looks.

It is truly visible how much work a beauty vlogger puts into producing a completed look, let alone a Halloween tutorial. The intricacy of the looks are great if you don’t want a full costume and would rather just wear full costume make-up and a simple outfit…

1. Nicole Guerriero as the Ice Queen

via Nicole Guerriero

I’ve raved about Nicole as a beauty vlogger before so I don’t need to do any more elaborating. This is a look she did from Halloween 2013 and I still remember it. This is one of the most stunning tutorials I have ever seen. I think with the recent release and buzz surrounding Frozen, this would be the perfect look for any adult looking to be Elsa. This is also the perfect way to be an Ice Queen without saying you’re Elsa.

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Fall 2014 Nail Polish Guide

My favorite beauty item is easily nail polish. I have an un-countable amount of colors, and paint my nails at least twice a week. I find that nail polish is a great and easy way to keep up with trends during the season, and also a great outlet for transitioning between seasons. These 6 hues are colors that will take you from fall to winter and straight into spring 2015. My favorite picks range from shades that are bright enough for a subtle pop in the fall, to shades that are borderline black for anyone who likes their nails dark.

via LeFashionImage

R E D  &  B L U E

 Oxblood: Essie Wicked, Marc Jacobs Jezebel, Formula X Ignite

Dark Blue: Essie Style Cartel, Zoya Ryan, OPI Russian Navy

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10 Nail Polish Hacks You Need To Know

If you’re anything like me, then you have more nail polish then you know what to do with. I have shades from glitter to black and everything in between. The polish eventually goops and gets sticky, but there are several ways to use these types of polishes up if they are starting to go bad. Here are 10 alternative ways to use clear and colored polish other than just on your fingers and toes.

S A V E  Y O U R  J E W E L R Y

via lookdepernille

This is a trick I had heard about before, but never really thought anything of until recently. I was over at my best friend’s and she had bought a cheap necklace and was painting it with a clear coat of polish in order to keep it from tarnishing. She passed this handy tip along to me and now I’m more then happy to pass it along to you. It works great to keep a charm on a necklace from tarnishing, and if you don’t want your chain to be ruined feel free to paint that as well.

C U S T O M I Z E  H A I R  A C C E S S O R I E S

via Cosmo

If you want some colored bobby pins, a quick and easy DIY is painting them with an array of colors. This is a fun and easy way to get fun and bright bobby pins in your favorite shades.

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